Experience Twin Buttes of Durango

Experience Twin Buttes of Durango

Perched on the sunny slopes below Perins Peak and Durango’s iconic twin buttes, this carefully planned community captures the essence of Durango, Colorado. Twin Buttes celebrates the town’s welcoming character and the mountainside’s natural beauty and stunning vistas. We embrace bold ideas about new ways to live in community, while giving a nod to our rich agricultural and mining heritage.

Vision: A Vibrant, Innovative Community Rooted in Connectivity

Imagine living where you know your neighbors, and they know you. Imagine you and your neighbor’s families strolling or cycling a short distance on a paved trail from your house to a park and adjacent café. The kids frolic together on the playground while you and the other adults watch them from the deck of the café, sipping your favorite coffee. The kids love this community park, just one of several dotting the property.

Locally-grown food right in your backyard

Later that afternoon you stop by the Farm Stand just down the hill from your house, where you find greens, peppers, tomatoes, basil, and more vegetables and herbs that were picked just hours ago by farmers you know and chat with every time you visit the stand. The freshly-cut floral bouquets look so beautiful you can’t resist adding one to your basket. Eggs and honey from the farm’s chickens and bees are available, too.

Experience our Scenic Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails

Before dinner you go for a hike on the trails just across the road from your house. The trails wind through ponderosa and pinon pine, around the twin buttes and through high meadows with amazing views. You see some friends mountain biking there –it’s such a treasure to not have to drive in order to get out in nature and enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

After dinner on this warm summer night…

A responsible teen who lives down the street comes over to watch your kids while you and your partner revel in a concert under the stars on the village green. Afterward you chat with some neighbors, and you all spontaneously decide to get some dessert or wine at the classy farm-to-table restaurant just feet away. Strolling home in the moonlight, you look back on your prior life and feel so glad that you moved to Twin Buttes. On top of it being a healthy lifestyle, it’s so easy to find babysitters, pet sitters, tutors, and music instructors in the neighborhood. With the schools just down the street, you don’t have to drive the kids back and forth – they just walk or ride their bikes. And with downtown Durango so close by, it’s easy to be involved with the larger community and to enjoy the bigger events there.

The next morning you walk over to visit…

Your great aunt Nancy, age 82, who lives in a condominium on the East side. She likes being close to family and has made a number of friends here. She gets out almost every day to stroll around the neighborhood with the “walking and birding” club. She also enjoys visiting the art studios and chatting with friends at their favorite coffee shop in the Artisan Core, alongside the village green. The Artisan Core includes a bakery, yoga studio, bike shop, hair salon, a couple of art galleries, a boutique, and more. Aunt Nancy is still spry, but she feels more secure with Durango’s excellent hospital and other healthcare facilities nearby.

Your parents have been considering moving to…

Twin Buttes because they see how they, like aunt Nancy, could so easily transition from a house to a townhome or condominium later in life, without having to leave the neighborhood. Of course they’d love to live near their grandkids, and they’d also like to do more fly fishing on Lightner Creek, which they’ve enjoyed during prior visits.

The wonders of downtown Durango will always be just five minutes from your welcome mat, but life at Twin Buttes may be rich enough that you don’t need to leave very often.

Nature & Adventure

At Twin Buttes there’s room to breathe, with natural open spaces between the interconnected neighborhoods. The ecosystems are a mix of montane forest and pinon-juniper woodlands. Ponderosa pine dominates the landscape, joined by spruce, gambel oak, pinon pine, Utah juniper, and red cedar trees. The first wildlife you’ll probably notice are deer and flocks of wild turkeys, who seem to feel right at home in our developed area. Twin Buttes is also home to elk, fox, coyote, cottontails, a wide variety of birds, and the occasional black bear. Pauls Family Park features a pond, with water flowing through to nearby Lightner Creek.

At Twin Buttes you can enjoy outdoor living…

By simply relaxing on your own deck, by the pond or creek, in Historic Tram City Park, or, eventually, in one of our several additional community parks. When you want to venture further afield, the 12-mile Twin Buttes Trail System right out your back door is a good place to start. We have some paved, 10-foot wide trails throughout the neighborhood that are great for strollers, but most of our trails wind through the ponderosa forest and meadows uphill from the neighborhood, and around the twin buttes themselves.

Beyond our trail system…

Vast expanses of preserved wilderness beckon.The 7700-acre Perins Peak State Wildlife Area is easily accessible from the northwest corner of our trail system, and beyond that lies the 1.8 million acre San Juan National Forest. The opportunities to explore are endless. If you like, take Lightner Creek Trail west to Lightner Creek Road and Dry Fork Road to the Dry Fork Trailhead. From there you can hike all the way to Denver on the 500-mile Colorado Trail!

For the many other activities the Durango area has to offer, both indoor and out, see the Durango page.

The Best of Both Worlds

While it feels like it’s in the country, Twin Buttes is inside the Durango city limits. That means your home or business will capitalize on well-maintained city infrastructure and convenient services. The city provides water and sewer lines, sidewalks, paved roads and storm drains. You can expect city trash removal and road maintenance in inclement weather. Private sources are contracted for electricity, natural gas, and reliable fiber optic high-speed internet to every home and business. The neighborhood is in the midst of the great outdoors, but you enjoy the conveniences of town.

Striving toward Sustainability

We feel a responsibility to be good stewards of this special place. Our master plan avoids suburban sprawl, preserving a good deal of the natural environment. In 2011 Ed and Flo Pauls donated 290 acres of forest and meadows above the development area, including the twin buttes themselves, to the City of Durango for all to enjoy as open space. This is the land on which most of the 12-mile Twin Buttes Trail System was built, and two of the trails are named after Ed and Flo.

In the neighborhood development area, we work with, not against, the mountainside’s natural terrain. Wildlife corridors are preserved. Natural open spaces and trees between the lots and neighborhoods are valued and left as-is. Stone and wood are re-used on site. A design review assures that buildings are inspired by the magnificent natural surroundings.

All of our builders follow the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code. We strongly encourage the use of green building materials, reduction and recycling of construction waste, and native or edible landscaping.

Our vision includes frequent bus transportation to town in order to reduce private vehicle trips, and those buses include bike racks. Also, the city plans to add an off-road paved bike path between Twin Buttes and downtown Durango.