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Locally-grown food right in your backyard

Twin Buttes Farm (seasonal)

In order to keep you safe with COVID-19 protocols, we have created a new way for you to get the same Twin Buttes Farm food you’ve always loved.  Just order & pay online, then drive up to our Farm Stand.  From a safe social distance, just let the farmer know your name and open a door of your vehicle. The farmer will place your order inside.

Place your order here Monday 8:00am through Thursday 4:00pm:

Twin Buttes Farm Online Store

Pick up your order at the Farm on Friday 4:00 – 6:00pm.
Just up from the Tipple Ave. stoplight on Hwy. 160, 2 miles west of downtown.

Twin Buttes property owners get a 15% discount!

This ordering schedule will be changing as the season progresses and more produce is available.  Our season usually runs to mid-October, but depends on weather conditions. For updates, including what items will be available soon, sign up below for our newsletter or like our Facebook page.

More about Twin Buttes Farm-to-Table Living
Enjoy fresh food grown right in the neighborhood. In addition to our vegetables, herbs, fruits, and fresh cut flowers, our lush farm is home to a thriving apiary with bees that pollinate plants and supply honey. A flock of chickens lays delicious, fresh eggs. We’re also happy to provide floral bouquets for occasions large and small, including weddings.

It’s important to us to model sustainable agriculture. Our farm uses strict regenerative practices to grow resilient and nutrient-dense produce. We’re one of the largest farms in the area that grows in an ecologically responsible manner, protecting not only our customers, but also our farmers, the micro-organisms necessary for healthy soil, and all life downstream.

Twin Buttes Farm consists of five fields in the community development area, totaling about 1.5 acres. We lease an additional 1.5 acres from Jim Carver of Carver Brewing, in the Animas River Valley just north of town.

In addition to our Farm Stand, we supply the following grocery stores and restaurants:

  • Carver Brewing Company
  • Durango Natural Foods
  • El Muro
  • Eolus
  • Leland House and Rochester Hotel (eggs only)
  • Mutu’s
  • Nature’s Oasis
  • Seasons
  • The Ore House
  • The Boathouse at Electra
  • Zia Taqueria

Twin Buttes’ farm-to-table living keeps us connected to locally grown food, the natural world, and to each other.

Farm Tours

We offer tours of the Twin Buttes Farm by request.  Click on the link below to contact us.

Learn to Graft Your Own Apple Tree!

March 24, 2018, 9:00am –  12:00 noon

$30  All materials provided. Participants will take home three of their own trees at the end of the class.

Maximum number of attendees: 15

Join Colorado nursery professional Jeff Wagner and the Twin Buttes Farm staff for a fun and interesting class on the history of apples, and learn how to graft your own.

Grafting is an old practice that’s enjoying a big comeback. It’s an ancient technique that is still widely used by nurseries to propagate fruit, ornamental, and shade trees. Apples are one of the best trees to learn on and they also have a deep and rich history in horticulture.

Don’t forget to wear weather-appropriate clothing; we’ll be outside!

For more information contact Jeff Wagner at 970-382-1221.

Contact our Farm Team for more information about gardening classes, or to request particular topics for gardening classes.

Join our Picturesque Community

Of the community’s 750 acres of south-facing mountainside and meadows, 675 acres is set aside for trails and permanent open space. That allows for generous wildlife corridors, 12 miles of trails in and around the neighborhood, 7.5 acres of city and community parks, plus 46 acres of agricultural farming, community plots, and livestock pastures.