A farm right in your backyard.

Sustainable gardening is in our DNA. With a working farm tucked into the community, you can wander over for a basket of fresh veggies or check out a gardening class. Twin Buttes’ farm-to-table living keeps us connected to healthy food, the natural world and to each other.


In addition to seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers, this lush two-acre sustainable farm is home to a thriving apiary that pollinates plants and supplies honey, beeswax and other natural goods. A flock of chickens lays delicious fresh eggs. You may even see a few horses and cattle added to the mix to help balance our little ecosystem.

The farm-to-table harvest is shared through the farmstand and our CSA, as well as distributed to local restaurants, natural food stores and nonprofit community organizations.

Proceeds keep the farm growing and fund our small staff of high-country farmers, who are also available to consult with you about your own backyard garden and farm-to-table living. This team helps deepen the community’s understanding of food, where it comes from and how it is produced through demonstrations and classes.