Fresh Air. Fresh Food. Fresh Thinking.

Twin Buttes captures the essence of Durango Colorado – its natural beauty, healthy lifestyle and welcoming character – in a one-of-a-kind community. Here you’ll be a part of an ecosystem that honors the land, yourself and your neighbors.

  • Nature

    Most of our Durango Colorado community is set aside for open space and an agricultural farm, plus Twin Buttes backs up onto 10,000 acres of protected wilderness.

  • Homes

    Diverse, eclectic and crafted in a Durango-style, Twin Buttes’ mix of housing options are clustered in interconnected neighborhoods.

  • Community

    Everything you need is just a short walk or bike ride away – from neighborhood restaurants and a community center to parks and schools.

  • Health

    A working sustainable farm makes farm-to-table living a reality. And it might just inspire you to start your own backyard garden!

  • Planet-Friendly

    Twin Buttes in Durango Colorado is defined by its magnificent natural setting – high-mountain meadows, scrub oak glens and pine forests. The construction process, as well as our homes and structures, seeks to be easy on the Earth.

  • Closeness

    With downtown Durango Colorado just two miles away via bike path or transit line, you’ll be oh-so-close to the heart of the Four Corners.


Connected Living

Twin Buttes in Durango Colorado is the only community that embraces Connected Living. A range of housing options within walkable neighborhoods connects people to each other, to nature, to agriculture, to healthy living and to local conveniences that make life richer. Bike, walk and transit routes connect residents to nearby downtown Durango Colorado and to the surrounding wilderness. Twin Buttes is distinctively Durango, deeply connected to the values and lifestyle that are unique to our hometown.

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