A new, innovative, more sustainable community rooted in connectivity.

You’ll find connections to this incredible land for sale, to the sun, to your neighbors, to a community core, to local agriculture, and to downtown Durango, just two miles away. Distinct neighborhoods respect the abundant wildlife and celebrate the preservation of open space within and adjacent to our community.

We love Durango as much as you do.

Under continuous family ownership since the early 1990s, Twin Buttes has worked closely with the City of Durango to develop the most creative, livable community with land for sale in the Four Corners region. 675 acres has been set aside for trails and permanent open space. Twin Buttes is a supporter of Trails 2000, which builds and maintains trails, educates trail users, and encourages connectivity of roads, paths and trails.

Building on our celebrated history.

Once a hub for mining and railroads, Twin Buttes shifted to ranching and farming around the turn of the last century. Remnants of this colorful history still dot the property. Today’s working farm, Twin Buttes Farm, continues to connect the community with its heritage.

Connected Living

Twin Buttes is the only community whose vision embraces Connected Living. A range of housing options within walkable neighborhoods will connect people to each other, to nature, to agriculture, to healthy living and to local conveniences that make life richer. Bike, walk and transit routes will connect residents to nearby Durango and to the surrounding wilderness. Twin Buttes is distinctively Durango, deeply connected to the values and lifestyle that are unique to our hometown.