• Twin Buttes of Durango

    Just 2 Miles West of Main Avenue in Durango, Colorado

  • Welcome to Twin Buttes

    Welcome to Twin Buttes

    We’re Building a New, Innovative, Sustainable Community in Durango, Colorado

  • Twin Buttes Vision

    Twin Buttes Vision

    Smart Growth & Sustainability

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  • What’s Been Approved?

    What’s Been Approved?

    Phases, Maps & More…

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  • The Land

    The Land

    Open Space and Trails

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Some of the amazing features of the Twin Buttes project.

  • Smart Growth

    Smart Growth

    We embrace the Ten Principles of Smart Growth:

    Create a range of housing options and choices
    Create walkable neighborhoods
    Encourage community and stakeholder collaboration
    Foster distinctive, attractive places with a strong sense of place

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  • Sustainability


    We have a commitment to ensure the health of the land AND the health of the community AND economic vitality.

    Stated simply, at Twin Buttes we intend to enable the creation of the most innovative, creative, financially viable, livable community in the Four Corners region. Also, Equestrian facilities are in the planning process of Twin Buttes.

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  • Agriculture


    A sustainable lifestyle includes an intimate connection to the earth and to the local production of wholesome food.  Twin Buttes will include 5 acres of professionally managed Twin Buttes Gardens, 0.5 acres of community plots, integrated livestock on open space parcels, the community barn, greenhouses as well as agricultural volunteerism programs

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  • Farm to Table

    Farm to Table

    Twin Buttes produce can be purchased and enjoyed at the following local establishments:

    Durango Natural Foods • Nature’s Oasis • Zia Taqueria •  Cyprus Café • Seasons  Fired Up Pizza  • Linda’s Local Food Café

  • Meet Our Gardeners

    Meet Our Gardeners

    Brian, Chad, Stacey, and Monique are the beating heart of Twin Buttes Gardens.  They bring expertise in cultivation and distribution of exceptional produce, honey and eggs, and passion to their trade.

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Twin Buttes - Just 2 Miles West of Main Avenue in Durango, Colorado